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Hiring is a challenging and laborious process, especially if you are unaware of how the market is evolving. Let us manage it for you.

Permanent Recruitment Service

HAMT HR which is an affiliate of HLB HAMT Chartered Accountants in the United Arab Emirates helps speed up the hiring process and ensures that you choose the most qualified applicant. We represent you in the job market and look for top talent worldwide. You can relax knowing that one of the best firms in the region is on your side. 


Recruitment Services

We provide a top-notch Permanent Recruitment service. Our recruitment service helps businesses locate top professionals in their sector. HAMT HR maintains a leading position in the UAE as one of the best Recruitment Agency in Dubai with a significant internal database of screened candidates. With this database, we have been able to develop a highly specialized recruitment service, focused on the needs of our clients, that is not only able to provide the most qualified applicants but also those who are the best fits for the company and job title.

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Our Recruitment Procedure

Each company has different hiring criteria for various positions, and HAMT HR is aware of this. Therefore, we make sure that our employment practices for firms are unique. We design our hiring procedure based on your specific requirements and ultimate objectives. As one of the most reputable full-service Middle East recruitment firms, we assist your company throughout its recruitment life cycle. If you’re already curious about what makes our hiring procedure effective, let’s look at each step in more detail:

The Method of Recruitment Process​

The recruitment platform is a vast marketplace for applicants. But this is how you triumph in the talent battle.

Identifying the requirements and standards for recruiting.

Create a unique hiring plan that best matches your needs.

Develop the ideal applicant characteristics for the required job description.

Posts job openings on various job-searching websites, such as professional social networking sites.

Choose the top candidates by utilizing individualized offline and online techniques.

Complete the preliminary screening process to send you just the most qualified candidates for further interview stages.

Assist your internal staff in making candidate selections.

Oversee the final steps of document collection and candidate verification.

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Why choose HAMT HR?

"Single window solution for all your permanent recruitment requirements”

HLB HAMT’s years of expertise in personnel recruiting is the primary driving factor for HAMT HR to grow into one of the most reputable local firms for permanent hiring in the UAE. To assist them in finding the talent they require to be successful, HAMT HR partners with big, small, middle, and start-up companies. Our brand promise is to immediately identify the ideal talent without delay, compromise, or oversight.

Outstanding service and support

Outstanding Service &

Take advantage of unbeatable assistance for permanent recruiting at all management levels and ongoing support at every stage.

Local knowledge and proficiency

Local Knowledge &

We are situated in the UAE and run locally. We offer customized recruitment solutions to meet your specific requirements. Recruiting can be a challenge, which is why we offer a variety of full-service solutions.

Comprehensive outsourcing solutions

Comprehensive Outsourcing Solutions

We offer a wide range of services, such as candidate screening and shortlisting, qualitative testing, interviews, extra reviews, and compliance. We will provide hands on support for you through the entire recruiting process.

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An employer of record is the registered employer of an employee who is in charge of the compliance aspects such as payroll, taxes, statutory benefits, employment contracts, etc. They act as a host country interface between the employee and the government organizations.

Employer of record helps in sourcing the best talent without establishing a local entity. The traditional employment tasks and liabilities will be taken care of by the EOR which aids businesses in the UAE trade in the country quickly and compliantly.

Yes, an employer of record is the legal employer of employees.

No, a local entity abroad is mandatory to comply with each nation’s labour law. Foreign entities can establish a local entity in each country or approach a local PEO to recruit employees on-site directly.

  • Employer of records helps in/with;
  • Overcoming difficulties related to regulations and cost
  • Simplifying the process of foreign recruitment
  • Employment, payroll and work permit requirements

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We have a team of highly qualified leaders who can help you find the right talent to drive your future and current business strategies.

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Mr. Sinumon Sisupalan

General Manager, Premier International Exchange

“HLB’s proactiveness and precision towards managing our accounts and helping us constantly whenever we are in need of is a dynamic quality that makes us want to recommend to any company or an individual. Looking for a great accountants without any hesitation.”


Mr. Shanshan Cong


“My experience in working with this team is very much a positive one. Their professionalism is refreshing. Thank you for making the  Payroll process a very pleasant experience.”


Mr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal

Head Of Finance, Deutsche Bank

“I would overall rate HLB HAMT’s work as exceptional. The team was successful in delivering quality audit, irrespective of the tight deadline and it was way better than the predecessor. We can definitely build more knowledge for future.”