Temporary Staffing
in UAE

Contract staffing can be of varying durations; it can be for weeks or a few months. Companies usually rely on temporary contract staffing to support upcoming projects and to fulfil seasonal requirements.

Temporary Contract Staffing


Hiring skilled professionals based on client's project needs

Temporary staffing services can be very valuable to businesses, as they serve as an interim solution that is both quick and cost-effective for employers looking to meet their staffing requirements. Temporary staffing services are usually required by the companies when they need extra workforce for their projects. It is not always easy to find full-time staff for your project.

Temporary staffing is the best way for the organizations to get their requirements fulfilled without spending more on hiring permanent or full-time staff members.

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Benefits of Temporary Staffing

Eradicates local compliance issues

Eradicates local compliance issues

Cost Effective 1

Cost Effective


Staffing Flexibility

Innovative and novel viewpoints

Innovative and novel viewpoints

Quick turnaround

Quick turnaround

Access to a wider range of skills and

Access to a wider range of skills and expertise

Covers unexpected absences

Covers unexpected absences

What we offer?

Skilled professionals on contract basis from diverse fields that include accountants, receptionists, admin support, etc.

1 to 6 months visa for employees

Employee benefits management including medical insurance


What you can expect?

HAMT Human Resource provides assistance in temporary staffing, be it for a holiday or maternity cover. We possess the expertise to find you the very best individuals to meet your requirements. But our work doesn’t stop at the placement: thorough follow up is extremely important to us and we take great pride in ensuring that the process of hiring temporary staff is as stress-free as possible for you.

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An employer of record is the registered employer of an employee who is in charge of the compliance aspects such as payroll, taxes, statutory benefits, employment contracts, etc. They act as a host country interface between the employee and the government organizations.

Employer of record helps in sourcing the best talent without establishing a local entity. The traditional employment tasks and liabilities will be taken care of by the EOR which aids businesses in the UAE trade in the country quickly and compliantly.

Yes, an employer of record is the legal employer of employees.

No, a local entity abroad is mandatory to comply with each nation’s labour law. Foreign entities can establish a local entity in each country or approach a local PEO to recruit employees on-site directly.

  • Employer of records helps in/with;
  • Overcoming difficulties related to regulations and cost
  • Simplifying the process of foreign recruitment
  • Employment, payroll and work permit requirements

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Mr. Sinumon Sisupalan

General Manager, Premier International Exchange

“HLB’s proactiveness and precision towards managing our accounts and helping us constantly whenever we are in need of is a dynamic quality that makes us want to recommend to any company or an individual. Looking for a great accountants without any hesitation.”


Mr. Shanshan Cong


“My experience in working with this team is very much a positive one. Their professionalism is refreshing. Thank you for making the  Payroll process a very pleasant experience.”


Mr. Muhammad Azhar Iqbal

Head Of Finance, Deutsche Bank

“I would overall rate HLB HAMT’s work as exceptional. The team was successful in delivering quality audit, irrespective of the tight deadline and it was way better than the predecessor. We can definitely build more knowledge for future.”